Tel. mob:                      +31 (0)6 5224 4616.








Education:       B.A (Hons) Music (1993)

Dartington College of Arts, Devon


Grade 8 Classical Guitar (distinction)


Stage 1 City & Guilds Teaching Certificate



Creative Profile


Alfredo is an electronic guitarist , classical guitarist and composer. Improvisation -be it live or recorded – underpins the whole process of creation. It has willingly been this way for 25 years.

Using an artillery of pedal effects, found objects, samplers, external sound sources he constructs multi-layered soundscapes. His approach enables him to fluctuate between diverse sound worlds with clarity and precision. Alfredo responds to environments within a diversity of art forms, working in live concerts, theatre, dance, television, film, animation, performance art installations & educational workshops.

Since May 2007 he has relocated from London to Amsterdam, Netherlands.





” Really outrageous stuff, congratulations…The range of (Alfredo’s) work is


John Zorn.


“…Genovesi’s interaction is a revelation… a distinctive and imaginative

player “.

Avant (New music journal)


” …(He) conjures steel pans, trance loops, Stockhausen’s ‘Zyklus’, Herbie

Hancock and the Surfari’s”

Ben Watson (Wire magazine)


“…eddying currents of guitar overridden and rearranged by a culmative welter of modifications..loaded like detritus into the drift”.

David Stubbs (The Wire)


“Thanks to Alfredo Genovesi’s live ambient electronic score, the dream-like state is maintained”.

Ian Johns (The Times)







A live solo & collaborative performer, Alfredo uses free improvisation and semi -composed structures, , voice, text & body – Influences are contemporary jazz, punk, rock, electronica, pop and contemporary classical music and the very time and space of the place.


When based in London he has presented work at:

Camden Roundhouse – ‘Space Soon’, The Resonance Radio Orchestra, under his conduction provide an audio backdrop to an interview between Lembit Opik MP (chairman of the JointParliamentary Committee for Near earth Collision) and Nick Spall.). London Musicians 13th Annual Experimental Festival (Solo Guitar), The ICA (25years From Scratch), various London Musicians’ Collective & ResonanceFm events, Resonance Radio Orchestra, Battersea Arts Center, Presence (Dartington College of Arts, Devon).


Since re-locating to Amsterdam, the Netherlands:

2007-15: Various ‘pure’ music concerts in Holland inc.

Amsterdam: Ouderkerk, Zuurdijk Kerk (Grongigen), Overtoom301, Occii, Zaal100, Goethe Institute, Bimhuis, Steim, Das Arts, Orgelpark, W139, Tuinhuis (Oorsprong), Theatre school (AHK), Marten Luterkerk, Dockhuis, Muiderpoort Theatre, Smart Project Space, Plein Theatre, Lucht Theatre, Stubnitz, Artispace, ADM, Mediamatic, AWA Gallery, Kulter, Studio 7, Fort bij Spijkerboor, Boog 29, De Valreep, Schijnhilijk, Badhuistheatre, AHK (Ams) Studio Entre Dok Joneren Centrum (Zuid Oost), Melkweg (guitar festival 2013) Studio Singel,

Other locations: Zuurdijk Church (nr. Grongingen), Provadja, De Paard van Troje, Studio Loos, Theatre de Gouvernstraat, Koninklijk Conservatorium, Theatre Kikker (Rumour Festival), Rotterdam (Worm), Effenar (Eindhoven).



Ongoing projects



Jacob Lekkerkerker – Church organ sourced through (my) electronics.

Jacob Lekkerkerker, Oene Gaal, Greetje Bijma 4tet.

Lysn – contemporary scoring/improv-drone group based in Amsterdam led by Hilary Jefrey.

Quintopuss – contemporary electric guitar quintet Mark Morsenec, Jeroen Kimman, Jasper   Stadhouders & Raphael Vanoli.

Whale Oil –Leader of no-wave, free-rock trio with drummer Gerri Jaegar (Austria) & bassist Viljan Nybacka (Finland).

Inconsoluble Ghost: (an occult audio-visual produced by Hilary Jeffery & Gideon Kiers).

Royal Improvisors Orchestra –15 Piece modern ‘conduction’ ensemble, led by Yedo Gibson.

Wonderland – Children Music/Dance Co ( Makiko Ito).


Improvised Collaborations / concerts with:


Alan ‘Gunga’ Purves- (drums, perc, toys), ..Albert Van Veenendaal- (piano),.. Andy Diagram- (electric trumpet, Spaceheads), ..Andy Moor- (electric guitar), ..Anne La Berge-(flute/electronics), ..Ansuman Biswas- (percussion),..Arvind Ganga (guitar),-Bernt Nellen- (drums),.. Ben Drew- (laptop /electronics),..Bernt Nellen- (drums),.. Burkhard Beins- (drums/perc), ..Carolyn Hume- (piano/recorders/keyboards), ..Colin McLean- (laptop/electronics), ..Cor Fuhler- (piano/electronics),.. Corrie van Binsbergen (guitar),.. Daevid Allen ( Gong, University of Errors), Dartington Classical Guitar Ensemble,.. Duke Garwood- (guitar/blues harp, Archie Bronson Outfit)..Emese Csornai- (video/lights/performance), .. Esmée Olthuis- (saxophone, Tetzepi),.. Evan Parker- (sax), ..Felicity Provan- (trumpet), ..Felipe Waller (composer), Gerri Jaegar- (drums),..George Cremaschi- (bass),..Gretje Bijmar (vocals), . . Guy Harries- (vocalist/electronics/composer),  ..Han Bennink- (drums), .. Hilary Jeffery- (trombone, Lysn/Sand/Kreepa),..Ivo Bol- (electronics),.. Jack Gallagher ( dance), Jacob lekkerkerker (church organ), . . Jaap Blonk- (voice),.. Jasper Stadhouders- (guitar),..James Harrar- (Cinema Soloriens, winds, perc),..Jeroen Kimman- (guitar), .. John Dikeman- (saxophone), ..John Edwards- (double bass),  ..Jong Kag Park, John Richards- (electronics, Kreepa), Jon Rune Strom- (bass), .. Jorrit Dijkstra- (saxophone),..Jos van der Kooy- (church organ), Juraj Kojs- (slovakian flok instrumets/objects/electronics), ..Kaffe Mathews- (violin/electronics), . Ken Hyder- (drums/overtone singing)..Keith Rowe- (guitar /electronics, AMM), ..Klaus Janek- (bass, electronics), ..Kristina Hanses- (singer/songwriter),..Lego- (London Electric Guitar Orchestra), .. Lewis Gibson (violin/composer, Uninvited Guests), ..Lol Coxhill- (sax),..Lou Gare- (sax, AMM), .. Luc Ex- (bass), .. Lysn (Amsterdam/Berlin), ..Marcello Windolph- (double bass),..Marshall Allen- (sax, Sun Ra),..Maggie Nichols- (voice),..Magpie MusicDance Company (inc. Katie Duck, Kenzo Kusada, Miri Li, Vincent Cacialano, Martin Sonderkamp, Makiko Ito, Sylvain Meret, Manuela Tessi), Marcus Cummins- (sax, Trevor Watts), ..Marcio Mattos- (double bass), ..Marcos Baggiani- (drums/perc), ..Marek Jason Isleib- (movement), .. Marije Nie (tapdancer), .. Mark Alban Lotz- (flutes), ..Mark Morse- (guitar),..Martha Colburn- (film/animation), ..Mary Oliver- (violin),..Meinrad Kneer- (bass), ..Michael Moore- (sax, clarinet, melodica),..Micheal Ormiston- (Mongolian Khoomi Singer), ..Michael Vatcher- (drums), ..Ntshuks Bonga- (sax),..Marc Chia aka Onemannation- (electronics/beats),..Mox Morka- (video artist), ..Oena Gaal (viola/violin), . .Ono Goveart (drums), Oren Marshall- (tuba, London Philharmonic, Loose Tubes), ..Oscar Jan Hoogland- (piano)..Otomo Yoshihide- (Dj/electronics),.. Paolo Angeli- (modified contra guitar), ..Paul May- (drums), ..Paul Mumford- (bass), ..Peter Huber- (trumpet),..Raoul van der Weide- (double bass), .. Raphael Vanoli- (guitar), ..Resonance Fm Radio Orchestra, ..Richard Scott- (electronics), ..Robert Curgenven- (Acousmatics/Field recordings), .. Robbert Van Hulzen- (drums/perc), .. Rogier Smal ( Dagora), Rozemarie Heggen- (double /e bass), .. Royal Improvisors Orchestra (Amsterdam/Den Hagg)..Sam Richards (piano), Santiago Botero- (bass),..Simon Giacomini- (musician/composer), .. Steve Heather (drums/perc), ..Steve Noble- (drums/DJ), ..Takuru Mizuta Lippit /aka Dj Sniff (Turntablist),..Terri Hron- (recorders), .. Tobias Delius- (tenor sax), ..Veryan Weston- (piano),..Viljam Nyback- (bass),..Wilbert De Joode- (double bass), ..Yedo Gibson- (sax/ weird winds/ picc clarinet).





Performance Art / Installation/ Dance.



2015- 24 hour concert: Zuurdijk Church (nr.Groningen)

2007-14     Magpie MusicDance Company

Performer musician with improvisation group. Formed by Katie Duck.

Musician & workshop teacher in Improvisation. Various concerts in Seoul (Korea), Tokyo, Kyoto, Fukuoka (Japan), San Francisco, San Diego (USA), Guadajara (Mexico), Ams, Utrecht (Netherlands), Berlin,Koln (Germany), Barcelona, Bilbao, Madrid (Spain), Northampton, Falmouth (UK), Florence (Italy).



2008-2015          Monday Match              Bimhuis

An improvised music / dance ‘lab’ where a dancer and musician co-curate the evening (various cuations & invites).


2008           Furnitue                        De Hoop

Five hour free furniture building session. Three carpenters collaborate towards making a piece of furniture ‘live’ whilst accompanied by a 5 hour live scored & improvised soundscape.


2007-8       Nl Les                           Dierck Rosen

Improvised accompaniment to a text based ‘Dutch history & language lesson’.


2007                             Oscar Jan Hoogland     Muziekgebouw

Performed at the ‘Piano Graveyard. An outdoor space litters with a plethora of pianos in various states of condition.


2007                            Marcella Giesche          Muiderpoort Theatre

Mad Sunday – Dance piece with 5 dancers, 4 Musicians & 1 artist with a roll of tape.


2007                             Grace Surman              Royal Scottish Academy of Music & Drama

Yournamelitupinneonlights; Solo piece that plunders the Dadaist and surrealistic movement, children’s television and picture books, silent films, amateur pantomimes and circus animal tamers


2005                             Jake Oldershaw                    Battersea Arts Centre

Solo piece exploring Birmingham-Britain’s most landlocked city-meeting residents who keep images of the sea on their walls. Combining live music, portrait photography, recorded conversations and a ‘bit of end of the pier charm


2004                           Play Music for Plants              South London Gallery

Live performance in Peter Coffin’s greenhouse for ‘Beating About The Bush’, the first exhibition in the SLG’s ‘Secret Garden


2003                            One More Today                     Captive Arts

Venue; Stans Cafe, Digbeth-Birmingham. Midlands-based organisation; a live cinema event exploring the exhausting possibilities of life, combining theatre, film, live & re-cycled music.                                                                                                                                                      .



2008                            Salon Unmuted                        Goethe Institute

Live Music with Simone Giacomini to Sumurin. A silent film directed by Ernst Lubitsch (1920)


2008                            Paradiso Punks                       Lysn Project/Jap Pieters

Improvised score accompaniment to images of old punks past & present.


2001                            Inside Clouds                           BBC2 Documentary

Collaboration with composer Lewis Gibson. Theme / incidental sound track for

four part series. Executive Producer: Debbie Christie.


2001                            Hamlet in Kuwait                     Trojan Films

Collaboration providing underscore for documentary film directed by Tim Langford


2001                            The Beam of Plenty                 Five years

American / British film showing in collaboration with filmmakers and exhibitors, ICA London.


2001                            Rooms of The House              Artsworld

Provided soundscore for ten-minute film alongside documentary.


1999                            Urban improviser                     Channel 4

Directed by Ravi Kapur as part of ‘The Other side’ series produced by Darren

Bender. A documentary exploring Alfredo’s approach to sonic free improvisation /

composition. Featured 40 mins of original solo and collaborative compositions.




Theatre Composition


2015                            Ur                                                        Al-Basam Theatre Company

Musician/co- composer. Kuwait (Kuwait City Cultural Center), Paris (ReidHalll , Literary Festival) Tunis (Bardo Nat’ Museum. A feature of Les Journees Theatres de Cartage)



2007-8                         Richard 3rd                                         Al-Basam Theatre Company

Dep musician/composer. Kuwait & Holland Festival (The Bellevue, Amsterdam).



2004-6                         Kalila Wa Dimna                                  Al-Basam Theatre Company

Co-composer/performer for ( Mirror for Princes). Produced by Barbican. Extensive tour of Middle East, Iran, Japan, Singapore, S.Korea & London (The Barbican’s B.I.T.E Festival)




2000-4                         Al – Hamlet Summit                              Zaoum Theatre Company

Contemporary version of Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Directed by Sulayman Al- Bassam using video backdrops. Performed at various international theatre festivals:Tokyo ’04,’Tehran ‘ 05, Tunisia ’03, Edingburgh ’02 (fringe first for writing), Kuwait ’02, Cairo ’02. Also The People Show, London and Camp Doha, North Kuwait. The show was documented in an extended CNN news feature and BBC World Service.



2004                            Earth Angel                                         Blue

One woman’s (Catherine Hoffmann) exploration & transformation through poetic text ,film, music & soil, Southwark Playhouse. Director & set design by Julia Bardsley.




2003                            Eva Luna Stories                                 Miskin Theatre

Exploration of S.American culture through story telling & physical theatre.


2002                            The Fear of Crossing Bridges Miskin Theatre

Contemporary physically theatre youth piece exploring agrophobia.



2001                            Rooms of the House                           All This Time Theatre Company

A site specific project inside a London house written by Barry Fantoni, exploring the memories of a dying man through the cast of four elderly women including Faith Brook.


2001                            Princess Plimsoll                                  Incarnate

Co-wrote incidental music for a storytelling show written and directed by Simon

Kane at The Pleasance Theatre, Edinburgh.


2001                            Into the Mystic                                     Graeae Theatre Company

Session work for composer Lewis Gibson in collaboration with the Graeae Theatre.

A1 national tour.


1994-96                       Sweatlodge / Suitable Men                Man Act

Directed /devised by Simon Thorne and Philip Mckenzie. A large scale, all male

physical dance theatre company exploring the male psyche. International A1 tour

including QEH, The Place Chapter Arts Centre, and Municipal theatre, Amsterdam.

Live performance/composition by Avant rock band Spontaneous Tongue.







Alfredo worked with The London Musicians’ Collective ( co-curating & producing their regular experimental festivals. E,g: The Place, Sep ’03, augmented by dancers, featured a 35 piece improvising `big band` with sonic conceptualist Keith Rowe (AMM) and experimental turntablist Otomo Yoshihide. He curated the three day 13th Annual Festival in November, showcasing international solo guitarists.


Since November ’02, he presented and produced From Here To Now, a weekly documentary series for ResonanceFM 104.4fm ( Britain’s only radio-art station. The show uses environmental sounds scapes and interviews (with e.g. Tariq Ali, writer/film maker and Christan Marclay, avant garde DJ/ musician)


Teaches improvisation and guitar -classical & contemporary. (ie Privately & Borough Music School 20004-07 ).


Also extensive experience in accompanying dance/movement since studying at Dartington College, where he collaborated with Vincent Cacialano & Katie Duck for seasonal workshps and classes at the Amsterdam School of Dance & Theatre (SNDO & MTD). Also was an accompanist for ENO (English National Ballet) on their education program.